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What are the best gloves for the Veterinary Sector?

Our pet friends deserve the best care in veterinary clinics. As well as human health care, animal health also requires attention in the protective equipment used in the work routine, thinking about this material for you to be aware of the care that veterinarians have with our animals. What are the best gloves for the veterinary sector? Check.

Just as veterinarians and other health professionals use Personal Protective Equipment (EPIs) is indispensable for their protection and safety, gloves are one of these EPIs that should be used to prevent any types of contamination, as stated in theManual of Biosafety of Veterinary Medicine.

At first glance, they may think that the use of gloves should be only at times when the professional is touching the animal, for example, examining the eyes, abdomen, legs, etc., however, it is also necessary to use the gloves in the handling of veterinary products, medications, bathing, coughing and brushing. The use of gloves is to avoid allergies, contamination sprees and other diseases to both professionals and animals.

KEVENOLL has several models of gloves for you.

Our gloves are:

  • Latex Procedure Gloves with and without powder – Nugard Brand;
  • Powder-free Nitrile Procedure Gloves, in blue, pink and black – Nugard Mark;
  • Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves with and Without Powder – Maxitex Brand
  • Sterile and powder-free Synthetic Surgical Gloves – Nuzone Brand

You can also order with or without talcum. But what’s the difference?

The purpose of talc gloves is to lubricate and facilitate the footwear of the product, without changing the characteristics of latex. Talc-free ones maintain the properties of latex and receive an inner layer of polymers.

Check out our gloves.

How can Kevenoll help you?

Kevenoll offers a line of high quality gloves, which meets all the requirements of the 332/2012 gantry, so that users have safety in use and confidence in our brand.

Now that you are informed, remember that the procedures should be safe and done by a skilled professional. KEVENOLL has the models that will allow you more comfort in your day to day.

Our company will have great satisfaction in serving and delivering the best of our brand.